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Who Are We
Meet the people who are working for the success of this website.

Ankush chaudhary (B.tech & M.tech)

Founder and CEO

Ankush is a young boy who found love with blogging. he studied electrical Engineering and became a college instructor. After working for a few years, he decided to create her own company to spend her time with his family.


Dewrat Thakur (B.tech. CS)

Software Developer

He is working as a developer and has worked for big companies in the past. He is an expert who has a passion for computer programs. His hobby is playing games with friends and family during the weekend.

Deepak Parashar (BS.CE)

Computer Engineer

he is a 35-year-old Computer Engineer who enjoys appearing in the background on TV, surfing, and reading game news on Facebook. He is creative and entertaining. He likes going out with friends when he is out of the office. He also has a severe phobia of water

Deepak Sharma (BS.C)

Writer and Professor

Deepak is a writer and a professor who enjoys painting, playing mobile games, and riding bikes. he is exciting and loveable, but can also be very unintelligent and a bit cowardly.